Hide Your Body

If you’ve muddled around on the Internet in the last few days, you’ve probably heard there are some nude photos of celebrities recently made available thanks to the criminal actions of hackers. Otherwise decent people (predominately men) who would never knowingly buy someone’s stolen wedding ring or stolen wallet, have had no reservations about viewing these stolen images.

But that particular societal blind spot is another post. Maybe an essay: delving into so many men’s desperate need to express their culturally enforced manliness (constant lust for women, aversion to emotions outside of anger, fear of homosexuality, etc.) no matter how many people may be harmed.

All I want to say here is: I am simultaneously amused and disturbed by the number of people who say “you shouldn’t take naked photos of yourself in the first place.” Really?!? Not only is that blaming the victim but: think about the implication. You shall not bare your body. Flesh is sin.

The puritans messed us up, y’all. There is nothing wrong with taking naked photos of yourself. There IS something wrong with stealing those photos.  

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