Short Stories


Coal City Review – “Bad Hands” (2010)

Fresh Flash: Short Short Stories About Youth, Persea Books – “Fifteen Fathers” (2011)

Gulf Coast – “Pritch” (Summer/Fall 2014)

Hayden’s Ferry Review – “Leap” (Winter 2010)

Mid-American Review — “A People’s History of Martin Zansamere” (2010)
Selected for a Special Mention by the Pushcart Prize

Fifth Wednesday — “Exhibitions of the Formerly Living” (Fall 2015)


Bull Men’s Fiction“What Our Fathers Knew” (Spring 2009)

Citron Review“Remaining” (Summer 2013)

The Collagist “After We Were Nothing” (July 2012)
Selected as a Notable Story by the storySouth Million Writers Award

Convergence“The Truth About Salinger” (Spring 2005)

Corium“An Incomplete Registry of Deaths” (Winter 2011)

Dead Mule School of Southern Literature“Shark Teeth” (June 2009)

decomP“The Abomination” (Jan. 2011)

decomP“Just the Truth” (Aug. 2009)

Dogzplot“ Incubus” (Spring 2010)

H_NGM_N“Twenty-Nine Failed Beginnings to the Tag Brewster Story” (2012)

Hobart Web — “A Good and Hopeful Man Leading His People Forward” (Nov. 2011)

JMWW“Touch Me” (Spring 2010; also included in yearly best-of anthology)

> kill author“My Father Believes” (Spring 2010)

Melville House“Abraham Lincoln” (Fall 2012)

Monkeybicycle“Beautiful Beast” (Fall 2009)

Necessary Fiction“The Boy of Threes” (September 2010)

Necessary Fiction“Stars Like Glass” (January 2011)

PANK“Cast Out” (February 2010)

PANK“The Nameless” (December 2010)

Revolution John – “Harvest Yellow” (September 2014)

Storyglossia“Green-Haired Girl” (Oct. 2009)

Storyscape“Transcript of Thomas Custard Carl” (Fall 2009; also included in best-of anthology)

Used Furniture Review“To the End” (April 2012)

LOST TO THE ETHER (i.e. defunct online journals)

Emprise Review – “Someplace Warm” (Spring 2009)

Flashquake – “Choosing Id” (Fall 2004)

LITnIMAGE – “For a Moment Preserved” (Spring 2012)

Mud Luscious – “How to Pronounce Water” (Winter 2010)

Staccato Fiction – “That Kid” (Spring 2010)

Staccato Fiction – “Whatever Happened to Sue Ellen?” (Fall 2009)

Stone’s Throw – “Below the Surface” (Spring 2009)

Thirst for Fire – “| / ^ \” (Spring 2010)

Vestal Review — “Dominatrix” (Nov. 2009)


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